OMG! Cardi B is one of the most dressed in Met Gala as she shows off her red flawless outfit(Photos)

 Cardi B wore different outfits to the event, stripping each outfit off, one at a time, until she ended up in her final outfit, a lingerie set.

She made her entrance in a humongous bright pink satin gown that boasted puffy sleeves and a matching oversized bow. It required a number of tuxedo-wearing men to follow her around, carrying the gown. She later took the gown off to reveal a strapless black dress underneath.

After posing for the camera in the second ensemble, she stripped off the black gown for a form-fitting pink gown. She finally stripped down to her final look, a risque set of lingerie made up of a black bra, sheer leggings, and impossibly high stiletto heels.
Look at more pictures below

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