Watch the video of how a Man runs mad after smoking ‘Black Mamba’ in Lagos (Nigeria)

Though most a part of the Western world may well be advocating for the legalization of marijuana, mamba and other synthetic weeds remains a no go area.

A young Nigerian man learnt the hard way, as he suddenly met problem after smoking an experimental weed called, mamba.

The lad simply identified as ‘White’ reportedly lost control of his senses after experimenting with the strong drug popularly called ‘Colorado’ or ‘Black Mamba’ recently.

According to social media reports, on 22nd of May, White will be seen acting out and screaming before a bunch of friends grab hold of him.

You need to not be told that ‘Colorado’ and ‘Black Mamba’ could be a very deadly drug known to cause hallucinations, Convulsions and nephropathy.

It is a group of artificial chemicals that mimic the effect of marijuana and are sprayed on dried herbs or similar substances, wrapped in brightly coloured packs and sold as an alternate to marijuana.


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