13-year-old girl collapses in anambra state (Eastern part of Nigeria) after teacher flogs her 26 strokes of the cane in one hand

The girl, identified as Nmmesoma Anigbogu, of Saint De Apostle High School in the Nigerian state of Anambra, was rushed to the hospital following the incident.
The incident reportedly happened on Thursday June 6th.
According to her mother, Theodora Anigbogu, On the day of the incident, Olive's class teacher, Chidinma Uzoigwe, came to class and asked the students to submit their homework. Olive who wasn't in the school the previous day, informed her that she had no homework to submit as she wasn't in school the previous day. 
The teacher went on to flog her 26 strokes of the cane on one hand. This caused Olive to loose conciousness. She fainted and was rushed to the General Hospital Onitsha.

 Mrs Anigbogu was contacted and she rushed to the hospital where she met her daughter in a sad state. 
Olive has been in and out of the hospital since then. Her mother says she has been referred the Borromeo hospital where a brain scan will be carried out on Olive on Tuesday June 17th as Olive now acts strangely. She added that she has been the one paying for the medical tests and drugs given to her daughter since the unfortunate incident.

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