God will fall down the wall of Jericho in Nigeria -General overseer of the saints gospel of church christ

General Overseer of The Saints Gospel of Church Christ, also known as Hand of Fire, Pastor Jacob Shodeinde, has said Nigeria’s wall of Jericho will be flattened with prayers.
He spoke during the Church’s annual special jubilee celebrations to signify the fall of the physical wall built to enclose the church against growth.
The cleric assured the people that as the Church’s Jericho at Igando fell, so also God would do same for Nigeria. He urged everyone to return to God for a perfection of Nigeria’s peace.
Speaking on the theme of this year’s jubilee – “The Glory of Perfection”, taken from Psalm 138:8, Shodeinde said: “Today’s celebration is biblical, for the God who walked with the Israelites is still the same God today. He is the one who works with the hand of fire which was manifested in the pulling down of the wall of Jericho.
“The Jericho of our time is symbolised today by insecurity, kidnapping, banditry, etc, but God still answers prayers; we will not be here today if God no longer answer prayers.”
Shodeinde urged Nigerians to come closer to God, and pray more for the leaders and vices confronting the country will be a thing of the past.
He added: “We must understand that the standard of God is not the same with ours, don’t accept defeat, keep moving forward, Nigeria’s victory is around the corner.
“It is our responsibility to pray for the country, we are doing that, and our conscience is clear. My expectation is that everybody should go back to God because his coming is imminent. God still answers prayers if not we will not be here today.
“We pray God to direct our leaders, especially President Muhammadu Buhari and Vice President Yemi Osinbajo. We will support them in prayers to do right for the masses.
“Prayer is the solution and answer to everything. Everybody should go back to God. We are not serving God enough. Whether ruling or serving class, everyone should go back to God.
We will be praying for Nigeria and Nigerians will enjoy our own Jubilee by the grace of God.”

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