2 died as 4 were injured in 3 vehicle crash on HWV.401 in Mississagua in Ontario

The Spokesman for the OPP Highway safety Division (Sgt. Kerry Schmidt) said that the cleanup exercise will be a remarkable one.

"The Corvette slammed into the side of the transport truck, rolled over the concrete median into the express lanes and slammed into a silver vehicle," Schmidt said.

"The transport truck was completely consumed by fire."

Schmidt said the collision has resulted in "massive damage" to the median concrete wall which separates the express lanes from the collector lane.

The eastbound lanes on Highway 401 will be closed between Highway 403 and Dixie Road for investigation.

"This will be a significant cleanup and will take, I would say, the better portion of the night," Schmidt said.

Meanwhile, Peel Regional Police say the fatal collision at Highway 401 has prompted motorists stuck in traffic to drive the wrong way on the highway as well as across surrounding green spaces to get around the collision.

"Officers are working as fast as possible to help drivers around the accident safely," Peel police said in a tweet, in which they urged motorists not to drive the wrong way on the highway.

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