A 33yr elderly person captured for assaulting a 10yr old young lady

As per the reports assembled, A 33yr elderly person whose name is Suleiman Mohammed was to be available at the central officer court on wednesday in Badagry after he assaulted a 10yr old young lady in Lagos(nigeria). 

As per the NAN(News organization of Nigeria) Suleiman whose address was not expressed is accused of two checks of assault and risk to life. 

The Arraignment Insight, ASP Akpan Nkem, told the court that the respondent submitted the offense on April 27 and Aug. 11, at Awolola Str., Adele Period, Ijanikin region of Lagos. 

Nkem said that the litigant polluted the minor and took steps to execute her utilizing his charms. 

As indicated by him, the offense negated the arrangements of areas 168 and 56 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015.

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