A Woman tells a very sad story of how her Husband was killed while he was trying to save his friend from Kidnappers

Maybe a couple of the individuals who knew about the partiality she imparted to her better half had given her any possibility of survival when her significant other, Jude Nwandu, a government official and agent, was shot dead by criminals in 2010. In any case, nine years on, Hon. Expectation Chinyelu Nwandu, an ex-councilor, who is currently an enterpreneur, has beaten the injury of losing the man after her heart. The local of Oraukwu Kingdom in Idemili North Local Government Area of Anambra State isn't just the leader of the relationship of widows in the state, she is likewise the originator of one of the most prevalent non-legislative associations (NGOs) in the state.

Solicited how she conquered the injury from losing her significant other as a 35-year-old, Hon Chiyelu Nwandu said in spite of the fact that she confronted arrangement of fights after the terrible experience, it turned into the inspiration for her to frame a relationship for widows and venture up on her prominent NGO, Youth Awareness as a Weapon to Fight Aids and Violence (YAWAV), which she said is intended to help the powerless and down trodden in the general public

She stated: "Before I began National Coalition for Concerned Widows a few years back, I had enrolled Youth Awareness as a Weapon to Fight Aids and Violence (YAWAV). My concentrate at that point were vagrants and defenseless kids, and that was as far back as 2006.

"My records are still with State Action Committee on Aids (SACA), World Bank, Federal Ministry for Women's Affairs and Social Development.

"The reason for existing was not to obtain riches but rather to ensure those arrangements of people were given a feeling of having a place. The vast majority considered them to be as individuals without expectation, individuals whose closures had come and individuals who had nothing to give or add to the general public.

"I was pushed by my better half, who was my spine in all that I did at that point (tears moved down her cheeks), however it is well.

"From that point forward, I have not thought back in ensuring that defenseless individuals are provided food for. We must be our siblings and sisters' managers."

Nwandu, said she chose to likewise battle for widows in the general public on account of the sort of injury they experience because of their spouses in-laws. The reasonable complexioned woman said her point is to stop those savage medicines dispensed to widows, including that the demise of her significant other truly opened her eyes on what ladies endure on account of their in-laws.

She stated: "I began my NGO before I turned into a widow. At that point, my objectives were vagrants and helpless kids. I recognize the stuff to scan for school charges.

"In this way, when I lost my life wire (spouse), I disclosed to myself that there was have to stir the widows to battle together so as to stop a portion of the abuses the greater part of them endure on account of their husbands' kin.

"That was the manner by which the Association appeared, and by the uncommon elegance of God, we have gone far in Anambra and past.

"Our objective is to take the battle to every one of the niches and corners of this nation, to prevent such brutal acts from our kin who either blame the widows for taking part in their better half's demise or denying them their privileges in various families, in light of some silly claims.

"Such acts had damaged a great deal of widows in the general public, particularly the individuals who have nobody to represent them."

Asked how life had been since the destruction of his correct hand man, the mother of two briefly stopped and battled back tears in the midst of stick drop quietness. She at that point brought a white tissue from her sack to wipe the tears that moved down her cheeks. At that point there was a wry grin demonstrating the acknowledgment of her destiny before she pronounced that it has not been simple.

She said she had experienced a great deal of agonies during and after the passing of her better half, since she was disregarded by his kin to bear the obligations of her significant other's entombment.

She stated: "In the wake of losing my better half in 2010, life turned out to be so hopeless. He was killed by hijackers on March 9, 2010, however the family blamed me for slaughtering him, notwithstanding when one of the exploited people turned out to hand-off how he too nearly lost his life. I was a month and a half pregnant. I was confounded. The war from my in-laws was agonizing. I was left to support my significant other's internment in solitude. My life has not been the equivalent from that point forward.

"I have truly endured. Indeed, even the individuals who conventionally would express a word to you when your mate was around would come up to test you and blame you for such huge numbers of things."

"Getting anything from anybody winds up troublesome except if the individuals who are genuine people. The passing of my better half truly caused me to comprehend that circumstances to vary. It likewise opened my eyes to recognize the great and the awful."

She transmitted a grin as she suspected of the correct answer. At that point she stated: "Since I lost my significant other, it has not been simple being a solitary mum to my two brilliant children—a kid and a young lady. They are the motivation behind why I am battling.

"The individuals who realize me understand that I was excessively near my better half. He was the foundation of my NGO. After his passing, I was encouraged to re-wed. Be that as it may, after the introduction of my child, I was comforted.

"The adoration I had for my significant other truly made me to remain back and battle for his right. I had the option to verify where I covered my significant other."

"After the weight from my significant other's family, no less than six suitors came to approach me for marriage. Some vowed to construct a house for my child, only for me to acknowledge their proposition, yet I was excessively near my late spouse, and getting hitched again will influence my youngsters. I need to persevere through all the languishing over the purpose of my kids.

Gotten some information about associates, she stated: "They are army. They keep on going ahead a regular schedule, however it's left for you to acknowledge anyone or not. I don't repel them on the grounds that doing as such is a type of insolence. In this way, what I do is to give them the chance of attempting their karma every day, and life goes on. In the event that you give men such shot, they will wreck you."

"I'm nine years into this adventure. I can't re-wed once more. I have fabricated a house in the town for my youngsters. I need to remain solid for them"

Gotten some information about her difficulties and second thoughts, she battled back tears again before she opened up: "I have children and they are feeling the loss of their dad, particularly my child. Be that as it may, I attempt my best to make them fill agreeable. My lament won't prevent my better half from pursuing the hijackers with police in the shrubbery in Nimo on that critical day."

She portrayed the occasions that prompted the killing of her significant other by adrenaline junkie hijackers on that day, saying that her hubby lost his life for his companion.

She stated: "He (spouse) was keen on having his dear companion liberated from the criminal's lair and that was the manner by which he lost his life when those hooligans opened flame on the police squad. We were in the house on that day when my better half's telephone rang, and it was his companion (Odinigwe) from Nri in Anaocha Local Government Area of the state. He told my significant other that he had been grabbed and taken to some place in Nimo.

"The purpose behind calling him was that my better half dropped him off on that day. Truth be told, they abducted him feeling that the man had cash. At that point my better half reached the police in Neni who assembled to proceed to spare him. When he let me know, I couldn't prevent him from taking the police to the area he depicted for my significant other for their payoff.

"When he got to the territory with the police, he tailed them into the shrubbery. At the point when the formally dressed men attempted to stop him, he demanded tailing them.

"At the point when those scalawags saw they were security agents, they opened shoot and it turned into a firearm duel among them and my better half was executed simultaneously. He was an unprotected man. However, his companion was protected.

"He needed to do it for his companion without realizing that passing was thumping."

She said that after the occurrence, her in-laws began blaming her for being the minds behind the demise of their child.

"I realized that the idea that consumed their brains at that point was that we didn't have a child; we just had one little girl. Additionally, the greater part of them didn't realize I had taken in again and the pregnancy was only a month and a half old.

"They left me with the duty of bearing the internment of my significant other, and it was a method for rebuffing me. In any case, God cleaned away my tears couple of months after the fact with a child.

"Being a widow isn't a simple errand, particularly, with the circumstance in the nation. I got hitched at 28 years old and lost my significant other at 35 years old. My marriage was to be a pleasant one, however evil powers did not enable it to be. That is perhaps the best lament.

"From that point forward, my life has not been the equivalent. 

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