Another Nigerian Broker Murdered In South Africa

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The Nigerian association of South africa (NUSA)widespreaded the Executing of another Nigerian In south africa. 

The association's Leader, Adetola Olubajo, said that the person in question, 46-year-old Obinna Stanley Ayanele, hailed from Uruala, Ideato North Neighborhood Government Zone of Imo State. 

He said Ayanele was killed without hesitating by certain offenders in his shop in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg, on Tuesday evening. 

The crooks had purportedly assaulted Ayanele with the goal of denying him of his cash and products. 

"With profound distress in our souls, the Nigeria Association South Africa second thoughts to report the grim homicide of another Nigerian, the late Stanley Ayanele from Uruala, Ideato North LGA, Imo, matured 46. 

"Until his demise, he was a little scale entrepreneur, a stockist of unimportant products. 

"Ayanele was addressed by certain crooks at his shop in Krugersdorp, Johannesburg at night of August 20, 2019 with the aim of denying him of his cash and products. 

"Simultaneously, he was killed without a second thought,'' Olubajo said in an announcement made accessible to the News Office of Nigeria (NAN). 

He said that as per an observer, three obscure men held him at gunpoint and denied him of his assets, including money. 

"He was fiercely cut severally, and they crushed his head with a sledge in this way leaving him in a pool of his blood to seep to death,'' Olubajo cited the observer as saying. 

He included that the killers were the skirt of trucking endlessly the late Obinna's products in the shop when network individuals reached the South Africa Police Administration (SAPS), Krugersdorp Group Station. 

Olubajo said the SAPS wrongdoing group later captured two of the culprits while the third one got away. He said a manhunt was promptly established. 

He noticed that the homicide weapons were appropriated by the police and the remaining parts of the perished saved at an administration funeral home. 

The association's leader said that an instance of homicide was promptly opened by the Nigeria Association Ward at the police headquarters and the suspects were charged to court on Wednesday (yesterday).

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