FBI Rundown Of Con artists: Nigeria's US Government office Awakens From Sleep

The Nigerian government office in Washington DC has woken up from sleep to denounce the criminal demonstration by 77 Nigerians, five days after the FBI distributed the earth-shaking list. 

In an announcement on Monday, the international safe haven said the Government "denounces such criminal acts in all consequences". 

Mr Mohammed Suleiman, the Senior Instructor/Head of Chancery, marked the announcement in the interest of the Diplomat, resigned Equity Sylvanus Nsofor. 

Taking note of that Nigerians are for the most part reputable and dedicated individuals, the international safe haven instructed against stereotyping on the premise regarding couple of rotten ones. 

"The Government office wishes to reaffirm that Nigerians are for the most part decent and dedicated individuals any place they are, incorporating into the U.S. 

"We wish to emphasize her ability to coordinate with the administration of the U.S. as per the set down all inclusive human rights and due lawful procedures in light of a legitimate concern for our national. 

"The Consulate, along these lines, offers to her residents in the U.S. to stay cool and keep on watching the laws of the host nation consistently." 

The 77 suspects were named by Mr Scratch Hanna, the U.S. Lawyer for Focal Area of California, at a news gathering on Aug. 22. 

Hanna said the extortion cases included presumes scheming with government and state specialists to hoodwink clueless casualties of their cash. 

The declaration pursued the capture of 14 suspects by law implementation organizations driven by the Government Department of Examination (FBI) over the U.S.

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