Gatekeepers dozed in the administration

Workers private security terminated after the distribution of YouTube 

As Kommersant learned, in Krasnodar, previous workers of private security, Ilez Timurziev and Aslan Zekokh, are challenging their rejection from the Russian Gatekeeper, which was brought about by the production on YouTube. In January of this current year, an unknown client recorded a watch vehicle in the recreation center of the provincial medical clinic where the watchmen rested. Law authorization officials concede that they digressed from the watch course, demanding that they were alert in the lodge. A polygraph check demonstrated that the gatekeepers rested on missions in any event five times each year. 

The Krasnodar Local Court will consider the grievances of previous workers of the extra-departmental security administration of the Russian Gatekeeper, Ilez Timurziev and Aslan Zekokh, who don't concur with the rejection from the administration for submitting an offense maligning the respect of a law implementation official. The purpose behind the expulsion was a shocking video posted on YouTube video facilitating by a mysterious client on January 31 of this current year. "The video demonstrates that on January 23, 2019 in 

Territorial Clinical Emergency clinic No. 1, security work force senior cop Zekokh and police driver Timurziev were dozing in a Lada Award official vehicle, "the choice of the May Day court of Krasnodar, which denied ex-Rosgvardeytsy to be restored, says the report was distributed on the court's legitimate site ) 

The initiative of the Government State-Supported Organization "The Directorate of Extra-departmental Security of the National Watchman of Russia in the Krasnodar Region" led a keep an eye on the reality of posting the video and reached the resolution that Timurziev and Zekokh, who submitted a gross infringement of control, bargained themselves, yet in addition harmed the notoriety and specialist of the Russian Gatekeeper. 

The notoriety misfortunes, as per the Government State Spending Foundation, are confirm by ill bred remarks routed to the Russian Gatekeeper, posted under the video. 

Specifically, Web clients are insulted that spending assets are being spent on installments to corrupt and amateurish workers of law authorization organizations. One client said that he had been viewing the Rosguard's vehicle during the evening in the recreation center of the local clinic and the representatives were resting during the evening. 

Legal counselor Rustam Guchetl, who speaks to the interests of ex-Rosgvardeytsev in court, looks at expulsion as an unnecessarily extreme discipline. "I truly need to help these youthful folks who served honestly, but since of some preposterousness, were left without work at one minute," the legal counselor told Kommersant. As per Rustam Guchetl, the watchmen Timurziev and Zekokh don't deny that they didn't act as indicated by the guidelines when they entered the emergency clinic domain during the watch around evening time. "In any case, conditions constrained them to do this - Ilez Timurziev grumbled of serious back torment and would ask the specialist on obligation to give him an infusion," said the legal counselor. "About 

that obscure natives recorded the vehicle on record, Rosguard officials quickly answered to the initiative. With respect to the account, its substance is far fetched - the video begins from the minute when one of the Rosguard workers escapes the vehicle. What occurred previously, were Timurziev and Zekokh truly resting or were they wakeful - we can't make a decision by video recording, "Rustam Guchetl said. At present, the video from free access has been erased. 

In the interim, the fantasy of the watchmen is affirmed not just by video. 

The "aftereffects of a psychophysiological study utilizing a polygraph show that Timurziev was bound to rest on obligation in 2018 for in excess of multiple times enduring from one to two hours," the consequences of an office review said.

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