Indian flood evacuated over 1 million people out of their homes last few days

The death toll from the rainy season (monsoon) in India has increased to at least 184 on the 12th. Authorities have evacuated about 1 million people in the last few days.

The southernmost Kerala province suffered the most damage for the second consecutive year, and the Kochi International Airport was closed for three days last week. The province is known for its beaches, hills and waters resorts and is popular with tourists.

Kerala police officials told AFP that at least 76 people were killed, 58 were missing, and 32 were injured. In the stricken area, many major arterial roads are damaged or blocked by rising water levels.

In the country, which is prone to drought, the rainy season plays an important role as a source of water, while killing hundreds of people each year. Last year, Kerala suffered the worst flooding in nearly 100 years, killing about 450 people.

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