Nigerians are known for defrauding on the grounds that we are savvy - Jidenna says

The American rapper from Imo state (Nigeria), Jidenna has clarified why Nigerians are known for trick over the world. 

In a meeting on The Breakfast Club, Jidenna disclosed to the hosts why he thinks Nigerians are known for defrauding. 

He stated, "The motivation behind why Nigerians are known for misleading isn't on the grounds that we are awful individuals but since we are more brilliant than many individuals. Along these lines, as hoodlums, we going to be the best at it thus, we will be the best at hacking and all that we do." 

The 'Exemplary Man' artist was additionally inquired as to whether he had misled anybody before to which he answered, "No, I have not defrauded anybody previously." 

Jidenna went further to clarify something he did and which may be seen or saw as a trick. 

"I did a few things, I used to sell chains from China town. I get it for shabby in light of the fact that, in the hood, I know all the most recent gems and afterward I get the shoddy ones and I take it to downtown Boston to offer to white young men. That was a trick," he clarified. 

Jidenna turned out to be huge after the arrival of his hit single, 'Exemplary Man'. In the video of the melody, the rapper, and maker looked smart spotting garments produced using African materials synonymous with Nigeria. 

Nigerians, being famous for the trick, reemerged on the front burner of the world news after 77 Nigerians were revealed as being behind an infamous misrepresentation ring that has misled as much as $10 million and an endeavor of $40 million extortion.

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