Shooters snatch an Anglican Diocesan's significant other in Imo state(Nigeria)

As per the reports that was assembled by the PUNCH METRO it was expressed that some Obscure shooters suspected to be criminals captured the spouse of the Anglican Minister of Ikeduru Bishopric, Emmanuel Maduwuike On friday. 

The person in question, Anuri, was kidnapped on Thursday while on her approach to Owerri in Imo State. 

The prelate's significant other was confronted at Ekemele by the shooters and was removed to an obscure goal. 

A source stated, "Spouse of the Anglican Priest of Ikeduru See, Mrs Anuri Maduwuike, was grabbed yesterday (Thursday) by obscure shooters." 

Police Advertising Official in the state, Orlando Ikeokwu, affirmed the episode, including that her abductors presently couldn't seem to set up contact with her family.

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