Read the story of how a 6yr old brave girl fights off a kidnapper as she identified the man in the morning after he was arrested

According to the news derieved from Dailytrust, It was said that this 6yr old girl who is identified as Feranmi Bukola was abducted in her house while she was sleeping beside her mother.

She said that her mouth was covered to prevent her for raising alarm.

While she was narrating her the story, Feranmi said she was shocked when they got outside of the house and the man brought out a knife to kill her.

She shouted, and the suspect ran away.

Her mother, Mrs. Mary Jumai Samaila Bukola, said she woke up after hearing a loud noise.

She said, “I woke up around 3 am when I heard a noise like someone wanted to kill an animal, and then I realized that my daughter was no longer by my side. I got to the corridor and the main door open, only to see my daughter struggling with the man outside.

“When I saw the man holding a long knife, I shouted for help. He took to his heels and I pursued him with stones for a while and then carried my daughter back into the house.”

Unfortunately for the suspected abductor, Feranmi identified him when he visited the house in the morning.

As soon as Feranmi sighted him, she shouted, pointing at him as the man who tried to abduct and kill her.

Even when other men were brought before her for identification at the Area F Police Station, Tanke, Feranmi kept pointing at the same man.

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