SAD! A 19yr old boy was about to graduate as he was declared missing

On August 14, Pol. Gen. Kachawal Chansiri, Deputy Superintendent (Investigation), Pranburi Police Station, received notification of drowning. By finding motorcycle parts And sandals fall beside the large irrigation canal, Km 13 + 200, Moo 3, Ban Nong Makha, Nong Ta Taem Subdistrict, Pranburi District, Prachuap Khiri Khan Province Therefore coordinating the wet suit staff Sawang Krai Phaisan Thammasat Foundation, Pranburi Search area and medical team at Ban Nong Ta Muang Hospital Come to help relatives With the villagers who know to travel to see a lot of events

The scene of the accident was found. On the grass side There is a grass mark about 5 meters long before colliding with the neem tree along the canal. The officers found a blue-black Honda motorcycle frame and a pair of slippers fell on one side under the neem tree. The whole motorcycle Expected to fall into the irrigation canal.

Diver team, Sawang Krai Phaisan Foundation, Pranburi Therefore arranging to inspect under water Found that there was full water, canal and turbulent flow Is a barrier to search By this irrigation canal Is a large canal that sends water in the area of ​​Pranburi District and Sam Roi Yot District. The size of the canal is 14 meters wide and about 8 meters deep.

The search takes about 1 hour. Find a motorcycle. Sink in the bottom of the canal The officer then went down to tie the rope under the water and pulled up. Found as a Honda Wave 100 motorcycle, blue, black, registration number 193, Prachuap Khiri Khan Located about 10 meters away from the point of the car when checking, found that the car parts that fall under the neem tree And as soon as the cousin saw the car, he cried with regret and insisted that his brother's motorcycle disappeared yesterday.

Miss Brahma, the elder sister who lost 35 years old, said that the missing person is a small brother named Mr. Sompong Yaeparan, 19 years old or Nong F, a mechanic student. Near graduation And is about to get the job done By the children living with parents Because the brother is a small child Good looks and very good boy Considered the hope of the family She is a diligent child. Help cook rice, find fish for parents No matter where I go back, I will return home.

Ms. Pramphraa added that last night His brother attended the wedding in the village instead of Father. According to the habit of helping others The guests in the ceremony saw that Nong F Get to help serve the job as well Until after the breakup Expect to ride a motorcycle back home. And between the cars should be broken down by the road Until colliding with a tree Causing the whole car to fall And the mother called to say that the brother did not return home the previous night. Do not know where to go Can't call, afraid that the brother will have a misfortune.

Mr. Ong-ard Suthuen, member of the Nong Ta Taem Sub-district Administrative Organization, said that he was informed by the villagers that At this time, around 22.00-23.00 hrs. Because the canal is quite dark Until this morning, people saw motorcycle parts and similar signs of accidents. Therefore notify the inspector and find the missing person.

However, since the time of the accident has passed for more than 12 hours, the search has gone through more than 3 hours. Initially, it is expected that the missing person will flow according to the unknown water. The rescue officer did not relinquish the effort to find the missing person. Expected to flow along the tide By examining the entire route of the bridge over a distance of 5-10 km.

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