Sharing a sense of crisis with the Constitutional Democratic Party Yuichiro Tamaki, National Democratic Party representative

The National Democratic Party representative of Yuichiro Tamaki responded to an independent interview with Nagasaki Shimbun in Nagasaki on the 9th. We asked about the Upper House election in July, the situation of the Diet, the amendment and the nuclear issue. -The people of the House of Representatives Nagasaki electoral district have the Satagawa Satomi. The current position of the Liberal Democratic Party did not reach about 34,000 votes. I thought it was a winning constituency. He was defeated, but he worked very well. I think that even if Abenomics continued, the region did not become rich, and potential dissatisfaction spread. Unfortunately, the turnout is low. Nationwide, votes did not grow in urban areas. I want to establish a party brand that values ​​the region.

In the National Assembly, there is a movement toward the formation of a national unification group with the Constitutional Democratic Party. In the Upper House election, there were disadvantages that the former Democratic Party powers dispersed with the residents. The people have argued that the opposition party would not be able to compete without a large mass of opposition parties. The move to make a big lump is welcome.

Why was there a movement toward the formation of the Reunification School? 

 In the Upper House election, the Reiwa Shinsengumi and the party to protect the people from NHK came out. If another alternative to the Liberal Demonstration is not clear, small parties will be dissatisfied and criticized. I think we can share a certain sense of crisis with the residents that a reliable mass that can be changed is important. -Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is sending autumn waves to the public over the debate. I disagree with the Article 9 amendment proposed by the Liberal People However, from the standpoint of discussing future-oriented constitutions, it is important to prepare a place for calm discussions. The ruling party should not be forced to push with the power of the numbers, and the opposition party should persuade with the power of speech rather than refusal to deliberate. Constitutional discussions that are good for both the ruling and opposition parties are not possible.

With the withdrawal of opposition members from the ruling party to expand the constitutional power.

 Will the public be convinced even if they are pushed by the power of numbers? 

The voter's message is “Please give a polite discussion” that the constitutional power divided by two thirds in the Upper House election. I want to release the post-war constitutional debate that was too bound by Article 9. When it comes to the amendment, it is said that it is a “armamentist”, but there are many items that should be discussed about local autonomy, dissolution rights, food security. In order for the ruling and opposition parties to discuss calmly, it is necessary to set Article 9 aside. -Regarding nuclear issues. I want to encourage the government to ratify the Treaty on the Prohibition of Nuclear Weapons. Surely Japan is in the US nuclear umbrella, but it is Japan's role as the only war-bombed country to continue to set ideals without giving up because of reality.

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