Suburbanite spares stranger from way of approaching Sydney train

12 PM in Sydney can be an unforgiving time yet a traveler at Petersham station found a guardian angel in his corner. 

Individual traveler Kieran Foley hauling him out of the way of an approaching train. 

Kieran was going home from the city when he saw a man twisting his body over the edge of a stage as a city bound train came barrelling towards him. 

"I limited over to him, I recall not having any desire to run since I would not like to thump him before the train," Kieran told 9News. 

"I simply recollect snatching him by the shoulders and pulling him back. Time backed off." 

However, subsequent to being protected, the man strolled to the opposite side of the stage and rehashed his misstep. 

"I said sit down on the seat mate and prop up until you begin feeling good and ensure you return home safe," Kieran said. 

Kieran's brisk reasoning activities have gotten much acclaim with train experts cautioning others to take more mind on the system. 

"Totally stunned that he was inside a brief instant of being hit by a 450-ton train which would have been sure demise," Sydney Trains CEO Howard Collins told 9News. 

"Thus, an astonishing exertion done by that individual, a stunning split second response."

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