Syria Accuses Israel for Launching a Missile attack on Damascus

The Syrian military has blamed Israel for propelling a rocket assault on Israel. 

The Syrian military in an announcement on Sunday said that the encompassing region of the capital Damascus was assaulted by Israeli rockets on Saturday night. 

It stated, be that as it may, that the Syrian air barrier framework effectively captured the vast majority of the approaching rockets. 

There are as of now no reports of setbacks. 

Syrian state TV cited the Syrian military articulation as saying that the Syrian air barrier framework identified various Israeli rockets from the Golan Statures to the zone around Damascus at 23:30 nearby time on Saturday, and quickly captured them. 

As per the Syrians, the vast majority of the approaching rockets were devastated before they could hit any objective. 

The Syrian News Office said that the assault went on until around 23:50 and that the Syrian air guard framework caught the greater part of the rockets in the southern district. 

The Israeli military had issued an announcement on Saturday night saying that it had assaulted a few focuses in southeast Damascus by military aircraft. 

The announcement affirmed that the Syrian Islamic Progressive Protects under the "Hancheng Unit" and other Shiite aggressors had attempted to utilize automatons to dispatch assaults on Israeli targets and that the Israeli military's activities avoided its arrangements. 

Israel has since quite a while ago perceived Iran's development in the Center East, saying it can't endure Iran's transforming of Syria into a cutting edge position against Israel and has over and again assaulted Syrian focuses on the grounds of assaulting Iran's military offices. 

Syria and Iran have denied Iran's essence in Syria.

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