The British girl(Nora Quoirin) that was declared missing was found dead due to hunger and stress in Malaysian Jungle

The Malaysian police said that Nora Quoirin died from internal bleeding and it was thought to be caused by prolonged hunger and stress.

Authorities on Thursday said there was currently no evidence of kidnapping in the London teenager's disappearance, and said the post-mortem did not find any sign she had been sexually abused.

Investigators said she had been dead for up to three days when the body was found.

The remains of the 15-year-old, who was born with the brain defect holoprosencephaly and was described by her family as "vulnerable", were found on Tuesday near a jungle stream 10 days after she went missing from a rainforest resort in Seremban.

She had been on holiday at the eco resort in Malaysia with her parents and two siblings.

Nora's devastated family said their "hearts are broken" and paid tribute to her as "the truest, most precious girl".

They said she had "truly touched the world" after her disappearance sparked a huge search operation and well-wishes across the globe.

Her family's lawyer earlier said they hoped police would investigate foul play.

Nora went missing on 4 August, with her father raising the alarm when he went into the room she was sharing with her two siblings at 8am and discovering she was gone.

Her family said they believed she had been abducted, but police in Malaysia treated it as a missing persons case for several days.

Her parents, French-Irish couple Sebastien and Meabh Quoirin, explained that Nora read like a young child, could not write more than a few words, and was unable to do maths, making money impossible to manage.

They said she was unable to make or receive phone calls independently.

Over the course of the search, nearly 350 people were involved in looking for the missing teenager, many of them volunteers or hikers.

A recording of her mother was played out over loud speakers by members of the search and rescue team in the hope of tracking her down.

Her body was eventually found about 1.6 miles from where she had been staying.

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