The Former Ohio state coach was charged for having s*x with a teen driver

The former Ohio State diving club coach sentenced on the charges related to an allegations of having sex with a teen driver.

The diver who is known as Estee Pryor talked about her allegations publicly and is expected to give a statement at former coach William Bohonyi’s sentencing Monday in Columbus. She says Bohonyi began pressuring her for sex when she was 16.

Bohonyi pleaded guilty to two counts of sexual battery in May.

His lawyer, Brad Koffel, previously said Bohonyi had a consensual relationship and the case isn’t as bad as it was portrayed.

Ohio State fired Bohonyi in August 2014.

Pryor is among divers suing Indianapolis-based USA Diving, alleging it didn’t do enough to stop Bohonyi.

USA Diving has said it didn’t knowingly participate in alleged misconduct.

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