US anchorperson looks at dark partner to primate, apologizes

A TV news anchorwoman in the US apologized on-air in the wake of contrasting her dark associate with a gorilla, NBC News detailed Tuesday. 

Alex Housden of KOCO 5 News in Oklahoma City made the comment last Thursday during a portion on a gorilla whose handler was running the nearby zoo's Instagram for the afternoon. 

At the point when a video of an infant gorilla showed up on screen, Housden, who is white, gone to her dark co-stay, Jason Hackett, and said that the primate "sort of seems as though you," NBC revealed. 

The next day, a weepy Housden apologized to Hackett, saying: "I said something yesterday that was rude, it was improper, and I hurt individuals." 

"I need all of in all seriousness, for what I said. I realize it wasn't right and I am so heartbroken." 

Hackett acknowledged her statement of regret, yet recognized that the words "cut profound for me." 

"I need this to be an open to instruction minute and that exercise here is that words, words matter," he said. "There's no uncertainty about that." 

The occurrence comes in the midst of increased racial pressures in the US following a progression of comments by Republican President Donald Trump coordinated at officials from the Fair restriction that have been condemned as bigot. 

The president in July said four Vote based legislators of shading should "return" to where they originated from, at that point later called Baltimore, a greater part dark city, a "perilous and unsanitary spot."


  1. Even blacks compare fellow blacks to gorillas. What's the big deal here? We are all apes, all primates. Is it such a stretch to think that different subspecies of modern humans have more genetic ties to archaic hominids and even other primates, than others do? Let's lose the PC folks.

    Here's a black M.D. at Yale Univ. Hospital in CT saying blacks are very similar to gorillas.