Watch the video of how a Nigerian Musician(Wizkid) Calls President Muhammadu Buhari a thief as he used Yoruba Dialect to say it

This Nigerian Super star musician (Wizkid) boomed social media as he called President muhammadu Buhari a thief quoting it in Yoruba dialect.

The father of 3 who trended on social media after his latest feature and collaboration on Beyonce’s latest Lion King Album has joined the league of Nigerian celebrities who have openly called out the administration, though he was done under the influence.

Wizkid has been in the news lately for unpleasant reasons and this addition has raised eyebrows over the issue. The alcohol they say has the tendency to bring out the real nature in anyone and Wizkid’s latest remark on President Muhammadu Buhari might just be a confirmation of that fact.

In a viral video, the ‘soco soco’ crooner was seen calling Buhari a thief in his local dialect, Yoruba. Wizkid was perceived to have been drunk when he made such a statement while partying at an undisclosed venue.

Watch the Video below

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