50 Cent uncovers he attempted to make harmony with his oldest child however was rebuked

50 Cent has said he's been doing everything conceivable to make harmony with his oldest child Marquise Jackson, 22, yet the kid has would not have an association with him. 

50 Cent and his child have been known to go at one another on the web and 50 has some of the time coordinated his brutality at his child. Before Marquise turned 18, 50 was known for going on Instagram to troll the kid's mom, saying he will before long be free from paying kid backing and her feast ticket will be no more. 

Yet, the rapper needs harmony now and he uncovered during a meeting with Big Boy's Neighborhood in Los Angeles that he has made endeavors to make harmony with his child however the more youthful man consistently bends him. 

50 Cent was asked during the meeting: "How is your association with your oldest child Marquise?" 

Also, he reacted, "I don't generally have an association with him, it's a lamentable circumstance." 

Fifty Cent claims it was an inclination of "qualification" that made their relationship self-destruct. The rapper asserts that Marquise's mother customized him over years, to feel like his dad never did what's necessary for him. He said after some time Marquise started to hate him and disregard every one of the things he accomplished for him. 

50 was asked, "When was the last time you conversed with Marquise." 

What's more, he answered, "We don't talk. Be that as it may, this is by [Marquise's] decision. I've gone spots where he was to attempt to chat with him." 

50 expectations that some time or another their relationship can be rescued. He added that he's focused on fixing things.


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