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Fall River civic chairman captured, blamed for coercing cash from pot organizations

Fall River Mayor Jasiel Correia II was captured early Friday morning at his home in the city. 

Correia, 27, was charged in an overriding prosecution with gift; coercion scheme; blackmail and supporting and abetting; wire misrepresentation; and recording false expense forms. 

He is blamed for planning to coerce a huge number of dollars in fixes from pot organizations. 

Genoveva Andrade, Correia's previous head of staff, was captured on blackmail and gift charges. She was arrested in Boston, as indicated by the FBI. 

Under Massachusetts law, the procedure for getting a permit to work a cannabis business, regardless of whether therapeutic or recreational, required a letter of non-resistance from the leader of the nearby government where the business expects to work. 

As city hall leader, Correia was in charge of favoring all non-restriction letters in Fall River. 

Correia has issued at any rate 14 such letters for weed organizations in Fall River, including two for his sweetheart's sibling, as per the arraignment. 

Authorities claim Correia utilized his office to blackmail at any rate four weed sellers for a huge number of dollars in pay off installments. 

Correia is likewise blamed for requesting that his head of staff give him a large portion of her pay and practically the majority of a $10,000 "snow stipend" as a byproduct of selecting her and enabling all her city work, as indicated by the prosecution. 

"He has basically run that town as a compensation to play establishment," United States Attorney Andrew E. Lelling said. 

Antonio Costa, 51, of Fall River; Hildegar Camara, 58, of Fall River; and David Hebert, 54, of Westport, were accused of coercion trick, blackmail, and false explanations regarding ensuing false articulations to government operators about their jobs in helping Correia get cash and property from pot merchants. 

A year ago, Correia was accused a year ago of nine tallies of wire misrepresentation and four checks of assessment extortion after he was blamed for cheating speculators. 

Correia, 27, is blamed for utilizing $231,447 of the $363,690 put by seven individuals in his now-old cell phone application organization SnoOwl. 

Correia purportedly utilized the cash to subsidize his "extravagant way of life," expanding political profession and different business adventures. 

A specialist said at the time the prosecution was passed on in October that Correia had transformed speculator assets into "his very own ATM," utilizing the money for things including gems, planner apparel and a Mercedes. 

Correia was reviewed and re-chose as civic chairman of Fall River on a similar tally in March. 

He's at present running for re-appointment. 

Addressing correspondents, Fall River City Council President Cliff Ponte accentuated that it isn't the gathering's business to shield the city hall leader. He additionally proposed that Correia should step down from his office, at any rate incidentally. 

"What we need right presently is everyone to remain close by as chose pioneers, permit the city hall leader the chance to manage his own issues without anyone else. What's more, in the event that I could offer any expectation from the committee's viewpoint, each and every city councilor is set up to proceed with their obligation and bring as much solidness back - honesty back - to this network as we can," said Ponte.


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