Football legend Diego Maradona uncovers the counsel he gave Lionel Messi which transformed him into an objective scoring machine

Football legend, Diego Maradona has uncovered the counsel he gave Lionel Messi which transformed the Barcelona player into a goalscoring machine. 

Maradona, who trained Messi when he was the supervisor of the Argentina national group somewhere in the range of 2008 and 2010 said he showed the five-times Ballon d'Or champ how to turn into a goalscoring machine just as improving his free-kick system during the 2010 World Cup. 

Messi who has 136 objectives for Argentina sacked eight objectives straightforwardly from free-kicks last season. 

Maradona, presently mentor of Argentine club Gimnasia during an ongoing public interview said in statements, "At the World Cup where I was the mentor (of Argentina), I assumed responsibility for the best form of Messi. 

"I trained the best, Messi, and no one can disclose to me generally, in light of the fact that he had the option to avoid past up to five players – a marvel," the ex-Barcelona and Napoli forward said. 

"He had an issue with free-kicks. When we completed each instructional course, we kept Leo behind so he could practice, and he began to hit the post. 

"I didn't show him how to take a free-kick, at that point he asked me how I had the option to score. I stated, 'you simply need to hit it in the center. They aren't going to give me an Oscar to show you this'. 

"What's more, he answered, 'yet I hit it in the center and the ball goes thusly or that way' and I let him know, 'don't stress, you're going to make it'. Presently he can't miss."

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