Georgia man who admitted to killing colleague was driven by ravenousness from poultry business: doc

Charles Parker had enormous dreams of maintaining a flourishing poultry business in Georgia when he was shot to death and after that tossed down a well. 

Seven years after, the 25-year-old's life and ruthless end are being investigated on Oxygen's actual wrongdoing docuseries titled "Executioner Motive." The arrangement explores how dim and contorted thought processes drive some to submit horrifying killings the nation over, and features interviews with friends and family, just as law authorization. 

Parker's mom and sibling both took an interest in the arrangement in expectations they can reveal insight into the susceptible broker and "model youngster" who confronted a terrible downfall. 

"We were brought and raised up in the congregation, extremely dynamic and associated with the congregation," Patrick Parker disclosed to Fox News. "I think the congregation unquestionably gave a strong establishment to Charles… It was extremely a piece of our cosmetics." 

Parker, who scholarly chicken cultivating could convey truckloads of money, intended to dispatch a business named Parker Poultry Farms. The University of Georgia graduate, a sprouting business visionary, had arranged speculators for his endeavor, the narrative uncovered. 

Be that as it may, in January 2012, Parker should assess some property with his colleague, Victor Blockum. Parker never made it home. His better half Kenisha Parker promptly went to neighborhood police to document a missing-individual report. 

Experts checked with Blockum, who asserted he and Parker went on their excursion for work. He claimed Parker later dropped him off at home and everything gave off an impression of being fine. Nonetheless, Parker's wallet and duffel bag were retried from different pieces of town. At that point an Athens-Clarke cop discovered Parker's vehicle close to the general zone where his assets were found. 

Patrick said his family had since quite a while ago suspected Blockum was by one way or another associated with the vanishing. Multi day after Parker disappeared, Blockum purportedly endeavored to pull back $500,000 from the business ledger. 

"I called him," Patrick reviewed. "We as a whole knew he and Charles were going to see some land for poultry ranches. But then he said he didn't see him, he hadn't seen him since they went to look at some property. That was the last individual my sibling was with. I just knew instinctively Victor had something to do with it. What exactly degree I simply didn't have the foggiest idea… And he wasn't even around to attempt to discover Charles, his missing colleague. Wouldn't you need to attempt to discover what was the deal? In any case, he wasn't associated with any way… I just felt in my heart that with time, we would get familiar with reality with regards to Victor." 

In February 2012, Parker's body was recuperated from a well by certain men in Oglethorpe County. The Athens Banner-Herald revealed that an examination decided Parker was shot more than once and the state of his body was predictable with him being in the well the whole time he was absent. Proof gathered in and around the well additionally drove specialists to finish up he was taken shots at the area. 

Blockum's checkered past caused issues down the road for him during the examination. 

The outlet uncovered that in 2011, a Madison County judge condemned him to 15 years of probation after he confessed "to ownership with aim to disperse cocaine and ownership of instruments for the commission of a wrongdoing." 

Three years sooner, in 2008, Blockum was captured on an exasperated attack charge. While the charge was dropped after the unfortunate casualty abnegated her story, he was still condemned to a year probation on a hindrance charge. 

As per the narrative, a few people related with Blockum were frightful of approaching to police, accepting he was an ace voodoo expert who might cast destructive spells over them. Patrick laughed at the cases. 

"I don't think they were truly real individuals who truly had any bearing on the result of the case," he clarified. "I don't think those individuals at any point truly contributed anything of substance to the case… Fearful of voodoo practices and the majority of that stuff was of no significance truly." 

In 2018, WMAZ-TV announced Blockum admitted to executing Parker. The admission came after a prison witness gave declaration saying Blockum said he murdered Parker. 

Examiners said Blockum squeezed Parker to put him on the joint business account- - seven days after Parker concurred, he was dead. Only days after Parker disappeared, Blockum endeavored to get to the record, however it was at that point solidified. 

As a major aspect of an arranged concurrence with examiners, Blockum was condemned to 20 years in jail without the probability of parole. 

Parker's mom, Jacqueline Parker-Lawrence, disclosed to Fox News she's soothed her child's executioner is at last in a correctional facility — yet there's nothing of the sort as conclusion. 

"Like I told the people in court, it could've been 100 years, it could've been the 20 that they gave him," she said. "It wasn't going to bring Charles back. It wasn't going to change the result of him being gone… Either way, he's bolted up. So is equity truly served? I don't generally think in this way, however that is how it is."

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