'I Have Asthma,' - Khashoggi's Last Words Before He Was Killed Revealed In Audio

The sound chronicles of the discussions between the 15-man Saudi hit squad and their unfortunate casualty, writer Jamal Khashoggi, has been uncovered to the general population just because. 

As indicated by Turkish paper, Daily Sabah, who ran the transcript of the entire discussion on Monday. It was accounted for that the discussions were recorded before and during the October 2, 2018 homicide of the columnist at the kingdom's Istanbul department. 

The accounts were gotten by Turkey's National Intelligence Organization directly after the horrifying occurrence and were imparted to related Turkish specialists doing an examination concerning the episode, just as with universal authorities and foundations. 

One of the accounts of the discussions between Maher Abdulaziz Mutreb, the number two man of the hit squad, and Dr. Salah Muhammed Al-Tubaigy, the head of Forensic Evidence at the Saudi General Security Department who was accountable for dissecting Khashoggi's body, are stepped 1:02 p.m., only 12 minutes before Khashoggi touched base at the office working to finish marriage systems. 

As indicated by the discharged chronicles, Khashoggi is welcomed by a recognizable face or somebody he knows, measuring from his response. He is informed that the Consul General Mohammad al-Otaibi is additionally present in the structure. 

To start with, he is obligingly welcomed into the delegate's office on the subsequent floor. When he begins to get suspicious, he is pulled by the arm. He at that point says; "Let me go, what do you believe you're doing?" 

When Khashoggi goes into the room, Mutreb says: "It would be ideal if you sit. We need to take you back [to Riyadh]. There is a request from Interpol. Interpol requested you be returned. We are here to take you." To which Khashoggi reacts: "There are no claims against me. My life partner is hanging tight outside for me." 

During these discussions, another unidentified hit squad part, likely depicting the "awful cop" during the cross examination, more than once advises Khashoggi to "cut it off." 

At 1:22 p.m. Mutreb asks Khashoggi whether he has any cell phones on him. Khashoggi reacts with "I have two cell phones." Mutreb asks "which brand" and Khashoggi says "iPhone." 

Following these discussions over the most recent 10 minutes paving the way to Khashoggi's demise, the exchange goes: 

Mutreb: Leave a message for your child. 

Khashoggi: What would it be advisable for me to tell my child? 

Mutreb: You will compose a message, we should practice; show it to us. 

Khashoggi: What would it be advisable for me to state, 'see you soon'? 

Unidentified hit squad part: Cut it short. 

Mutreb: You will compose something like 'I'm in Istanbul. Try not to stress in the event that you can't contact me.' 

Khashoggi: I shouldn't state abducted. 

Unidentified hit squad part: Take your coat off. 

Khashoggi: How can a wonder such as this happen at a department? I'm not composing anything. 

Unidentified hit squad part: Cut it short. 

Khashoggi: I'm not composing anything. 

Mutreb: Write it, Mr. Jamal. Hustle just a bit. Help us so we can support you, on the grounds that at last we will return you to Saudi Arabia and on the off chance that you don't help us you realize what will happen in the long run. 

Khashoggi: There is a towel here. Will you have me medicated? 

Al-Tubaigy: We will put you to rest. 

After he was medicated, Khashoggi says "don't keep my mouth shut" before losing his awareness. 

"I have asthma. Try not to do it, you will choke out me." These were Khashoggi's final words.

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