I Have Murdered15 Women In Different Hotels - Port Harcourt Serial Killer Makes Shocking Confession

Benevolent David-West, a sequential executioner captured in Rivers State, has uncovered that he slaughtered 15 ladies in seven states. 

He had before uncovered he murdered seven. 

Police representative Nnamdi Omoni, who affirmed this to the Nation in a phone meet, said the suspect admitted to executing one individual each in Abia, Edo, Ibadan (Oyo State), Owerri (Imo State), Ikeja (Lagos State) and nine in Rivers State. 

More than 10 ladies were killed in various lodgings in Rivers over the most recent two months. 

David-West was headed to Uyo, Akwa Ibom State, when he was captured. 

He admitted to the wrongdoing, saying he executed seven ladies before his capture. 

The speculate hails from Buguma, Akuku-Toru Local Government of Rivers State. 

David-West, a supposed Confraternity), said he rejoices because of choking young ladies in lodgings at whatever point the desire to murder comes. 

He asserted he didn't cut his injured individual's essential parts. 

Omoni said the suspect is being tested to admit a greater amount of his deeds.

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