Liang Meifen proposed to explain the fix storm with reference to the British uproars

The restriction to the update of the Fugitive Offenders Ordinance went on for a while. After the proposition of the Legislative Councilor of the Democratic League for the Legislative Council, Mr. Leung Mei Fen, the "Network and Victims Group" set up by the British Government was managed in case of the London revolts in 2011. 

Liang Meifen called attention to that it is conceivable to propose British experience and set up a non-statutory examination board of trustees to discover the inadequacies of the administration, the lawmaking body and the instruction framework. She accepts that it ought not be ensnared as examination. Concerning whether the demonstrators will acknowledge it, Liang Meifen said that it relies upon the assessments of the main popular conclusion, and that numerous demonstrators are youngsters, addressing what number of individuals have found out about the Investigation Committee Ordinance. 

She accepts that the social condition where the United Kingdom built up the "Battle Community and Victims Group" was fundamentally the same as that of Hong Kong today. The occurrence was brought about by the capture of cops by African-Americans in London and the augmenting of the police. Subsequently, riots broke out over the UK. "At the time, the British youth were similarly adversaries, lacking open doors for the high society, absence of trust in the legal executive, instruction issues, and so forth. Truth be told, the foundation is like that of Hong Kong, yet Hong Kong has one more territory factor than the United Kingdom." 

Be that as it may, the British "People group and Victims Group" did not have the legitimate capacity to call observers, depending exclusively on observers to present their announcements willfully. Liang Meifen accepts that it won't influence the adequacy of the examination. It alludes to the way that the fact of the matter is the best shared factor of the present social requests of Hong Kong. With reference to the activity of the autonomous free examination council, "the individuals who don't go must endure, you can compose, regardless of what group, If you don't regard the board, you will lose." 

At the point when gotten some information about the police's restriction to the foundation of an autonomous examination board, the "revolt network and injured individual gatherings" likewise confronted obstruction. Liang Meifen reacted that there would be protection from doing anything. He likewise accepted that the demonstrators required the foundation of an autonomous examination advisory group for the police. Reasonable, in light of the fact that the occurrence includes countless individuals, there must be various individuals who commit errors.

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