Man discovered shot to death only feet from youngsters' play area

A man was shot and slaughtered only feet from a DeKalb County play area where youngsters play. 

Eye Witness told police they heard somewhere in the range of five and six discharges go off. 

The central issue toward the beginning of today examiners have is the thing that paved the way to the shooting. 

Experts revealed to Channel 2 Action News the injured individual still had his wallet, so they don't think it was a theft. 

Soon after 12 PM, police said a 24-year-elderly person was shot on different occasions and murdered. It occurred at the Polo Club Apartments on Ashely Creek Circle in DeKalb County. 

A neighbor we talked with said she heard the gunfire and began to freeze. She revealed to us where the man was slaughtered is the place a ton of kids play. 

"I ventured outside and after that I headed inside, got a blade and thought back there and I saw the person laying back there," said neighbor Autumn Finney. 

Police have not discharged the name of the man executed. 

They're experiencing the way toward informing his family first.

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