Man murdered in the wake of being confused with sex guilty party, Modesto police say

A man kicked the bucket Sunday in the wake of being "fiercely assaulted" on Aug. 10 in Modesto, police said. 

Jace Decker, 63, was assaulted in Garrison Park and never recovered awareness, as per the Modesto Police Department. Police said Decker was a neighborhood, and known to visit that park. 

Decker was inside Garrison Park when he was gone up against by Mathew Arguello and Ruben Rosales, police said. Arguello is in authority, yet police are as yet looking for Rosales. 

Police said Arguello and Rosales erroneously trusted Decker was a sex guilty party registrant, which was their intention in the assault. 

Arguello and Rosales utilized their "substantial power to club" Decker into a state of extreme lethargy, and are realized road pack individuals, police said. 

Specialists caution that despite the fact that the suspects did not utilize any weapons, Rosales ought to be viewed as perilous because of the idea of the unwarranted assault. 

The Modesto Police Department trust Rosales is being supported as an outlaw and are requesting the open's assistance in finding him.

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