Mother executed in street rage occurrence while instructing child to drive, police say

A Wisconsin mother kicked the bucket in a speculated street rage episode throughout the end of the week while showing her high school child how to drive, experts said. 

Tracey Smith, 46, was allowing her 17-year-old child a driving exercise on Friday evening when the pair got into what examiners depicted as "a minor mishap," as indicated by the Milwaukee Police Department. 

Things took a sad turn when Smith, a sergeant with the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, got out to go up against the driver who kept running into them. The two traded words and Smith was shot during the experience, as indicated by police. 

"This originated from a minor mishap that happened. The traveler of the vehicle that was hit got out and stood up to the [driver] of the striking vehicle," police said in an announcement Monday. "Words were traded and the driver of the striking vehicle hauled out a gun and shot the traveler." 

The suspect fled the scene and Smith's child surged her to a medical clinic, where she was articulated dead. Police captured a 35-year-elderly person in association with the shooting, however examiners declined to discharge his way of life as he is anticipating formal charges. 

The lady's family depicted her as a "wonderful individual" who had a skill for speaking with individuals. They're stressed that her child, who saw the whole experience, may never recuperate from the disaster. 

"I don't have the foggiest idea what to state, however I know a certain something, the manner in which my girl lost her life, it wasn't right. It ain't right," said Ollie Luckett, the injured individual's dad, revealed to Milwaukee ABC associate WISN. "You know how it is on these avenues. You most likely ride it. You know how these individuals are acting. It's crazy. My girl shouldn't have lost her life like that." 

"She was a wonderful individual. She realized how to treat individuals. She realized how to converse with individuals. She was awesome. That was my most seasoned little girl. Also, I wish you knew how I feel," he included. 

Kevin Carr, secretary-designee of the Wisconsin Department of Corrections, said Smith had been with the office for a long time. He considered her passing a "silly demonstration of savagery" and vowed to "remain in solidarity" with her family in their season of grieving. 

"Sgt. Smith valiantly served Wisconsin people group for a long time as an individual from the DOC, and her commitments to the Milwaukee Secure Detention Facility (MSDF) will be felt long after her passing," Carr said in an announcement to ABC News Tuesday. "Today, I need to express my earnest sympathies and remain in solidarity with Sgt. Smith's family, companions and colleagues."

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