Mountain lion lethally struck attempting to cross LA expressway

A male mountain lion who effectively crossed a 10-path turnpike in Los Angeles two months back was struck and killed Saturday on a similar segment of the road. 

The 4-year-old enormous feline known as P-61 was hit around 4 a.m. in the Sepulveda Pass area of Interstate 405, National Park Service Ranger Ana Beatriz said on a Facebook post . 

In July, P-61 turned into the main huge feline reported to cross the huge turnpike during the NPS' 17-year investigation of mountain lions in and around the Santa Monica Mountains. 

The most well known huge feline to cross the 405 is P-22. P-22 was not wearing a GPS neckline at the time, so little is thought about his adventure. 

In a similar region where P-61 crossed, a mountain lion named P-18 was hit and executed by a vehicle in 2011. A lion not followed by researchers was executed along that stretch in 2009. 

Scientists accept a negative experience with an uncollared male mountain lion could have caused P-61 to cross the interstate again to move back west, Beatriz said. 

Researchers following the mountain lions have discovered that roadways are to a great extent catching creatures in the Santa Monica Mountains, which keep running along the Malibu coast and over the center of Los Angeles to Griffith Park, where P-22 settled. 

The consequence of that seclusion, they state, is fast approaching hereditary breakdown for mountain lions. Environment misfortune has driven the populaces to inbreeding that could prompt termination inside 15 years except if the enormous felines normally interface with different populaces to expand their decent variety. 

Planning to battle off their termination, transportation authorities and traditionalists will assemble a for the most part secretly financed natural life traverse U.S. 101 in Agoura Hills, giving mountain lions and other wild creatures a sheltered course to open space and better access to nourishment and potential mates. 

The $87 million range along U.S. 101 may be the second creature bridge in a state where passages are increasingly normal. Authorities state it will be the first of its sort close to a noteworthy city and the biggest on the planet, extending 200 feet (61 meters) over 10 paths of occupied parkway and a feeder street only 35 miles (56 kilometers) northwest of downtown LA. 

California transportation authorities state the scaffold is on track for historic inside two years and finishing by 2023.

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