Police officer Brutally Assaults 'Keke' Rider For Wrongful Parking

A tricycle rider, Jamiu Oriade, has blamed a cop, distinguished as Samson Mayaki, of attacking him for unjust stopping. 

PUNCH Metro discovered that Mayaki supposedly assaulted Oriade last Wednesday around 9pm in the Sabo territory of Lagos while he was holding on to pick his sister. 

Oriade told our journalist that Mayaki struck him with a board for supposedly leaving before his vehicle. 

He added that endeavors to get the cop captured had demonstrated failed as he was said to be associated with high-positioning officials of the power. 

He stated, "I stopped my tricycle on Wednesday night while hanging tight for my sister; the police officer all of a sudden developed and began beating me. He said I left before his vehicle and when I attempted to invert to maintain a strategic distance from issue, he turned back and I thought he needed to turn over his motor, just for him to begin beating me again with his clench hands, which prompted the traveler sitting in front and I to fall in the canal. 

"The individuals around said I ought not defy him since he is a police officer and I acknowledged, yet when I was tied in with entering my tricycle, Mayaki expelled the board that I put my additional tire on and began beating my hands and head with it till blood began spouting out from my body. 

"I went to the Sabo Police Station to report and on my way to the station, I saw Mayaki and he flaunted that nothing would transpire regardless of whether we met the Commissioner of Police and since the day I detailed the occurrence, nothing has been done to him. 

"The IPO said he welcomed Mayaki however he didn't come, and at whatever point I called the IPO to request refreshes, he would reveal to me that he would get back to me, which he never did." 

An observer, recognized basically as Iya Adamo, whose products were annihilated during the fight, deplored the misfortune she brought about therefore. 

She stated, "On Wednesday night, the police officer began beating Jamiu before my shop and every one of my merchandise tumbled down, yet when I whined to the cop, he gave me a hit to the eye. He crushed my eggs and when I took the leftovers to the station, I was advised to take them back. 

"The misfortune is on me now in light of the fact that the provider has begun requesting her cash; Mayaki crushed up to seven boxes of egg." 

The state Police Public Relations Officer, Bala Elkana, who affirmed the occurrence, said an examination had started into the issue. 

"The cop is no longer with the Lagos order; he has been moved to a unit under the power central command, yet we have kept in touch with the unit and we are endeavoring endeavors to get him to react to the charges," Elkana expressed.

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