Researchers Discover New Planet With Water

Space experts at the University College London, state they have found water on a possibly tenable planet. 

The BBCsaid their discoveries were distributed in the Scientific Journal. 

The researchers accept that up to half of the planet is comprised of water. 

Prof Giovanna Teneti, the lead researcher on the task, said the revelation made on the planet named K2-18B, was 'mind blowing.' 

She stated, "This is the first occasion when that we have recognized water on a planet in the livable zone around a star where the temperature is conceivably good with the nearness of life. 

"Inside the following 10 years, we will realize whether there are synthetic substances that are because of life in those environments." 

K2-18b is the main planet that indicated it had water in it out of the considerable number of planets found by the Hubble Telescope somewhere in the range of 2016 and 2017.

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