Two ladies were discovered beaten, one ablaze. Presently there's been a capture for the situation.

A man who trampled the head of one lady and attempted to consume the body of another has been captured in connection to their killings, as indicated by the Miami-Dade Police Department. 

Kerry Rossin, a 27-year-old from Opa-Locka, got into a contention with Lourdes Quinones, 33, around 2 a.m. on Sept 2. Rossin left and returned with a sharp object that he cut Quinones with. He likewise punched and kicked the lady, "leaving her for dead," as indicated by the police report. 

As Rossin left the empty part, found south of Northwest 79th Street off Eighth Avenue, he kept running into Kristin Marie Gooch, 36, who was terrified by what she had seen, the report said. Rossin gagged Gooch, hit her over the head with a stick and trampled her head "until she was dead," as indicated by the report. 

In the wake of beating Gooch, Rossin snatched lighter liquid, drenched Quinones and lit her afire to attempt to pulverize proof, as indicated by records. 

Rossin admitted to cops. He had gotten off probation in January for a May 2017 robbery. None of his past charges are brutal violations, as per court records. 

Rossin has been accused of two checks of second-degree murder.

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