Uncovered: Why You Should Never Watch The Big Brother Naija Show (Watch video)

Despite the fact that the 8-minutes video by an entertainer and lyricist named Joseph Okechukwu famously known as Kingestjoe on instagram has been on the web for a long time now, the message it brings is as yet worth sharing and tuning in to as it turned out poorly popular in light of the fact that he might not have had an excessive amount of prevalence. 

The lyricist gave reasons which he sponsored up with confirmations why individuals ought not be viewing the Big Brother Naija TV appear. 

In the video Joseph Okechukwu first came up perception of the sort of image utilized by the Big Brother Naija. In the video Joseph clarified that the image utilized by the Big Brother Naija is the stink eye of Horus which is a profound mysterious image which is even utilized in the conjuring of spirits. Saying that individuals ought to overlook what some other individuals inform them regarding the image being an image for misfortune or some other thing. 

In reference to the "Older sibling" in the BBNaija show he reviewed a book composed by George Orwell in 1984 where individuals continued contending: for what reason did the "Elder sibling" not appear? For what reason didn't we get the opportunity to see "Elder sibling"? Who was he? Where some said he was a soul, other said he was a person while others contended he was only a character. 

Joseph said that when the Anti-Christ at long last showed in his physical structure that he will be addressing individuals clairvoyantly. 

A while later, a short clasp of George Orwell was demonstrated where George Orwell said that the Anti-Christ would not talk however his contemplations will be heard clairvoyantly by everyone over the age of 14. He said that in all nations and all dialects his voice will be heard by individuals over 14 years in Slovenia, United States, Russia will all hear in their different dialects running from English, French, Dutch and so forth. 

Joseph Okechukwu additionally said that the Big Brother Naija show is evil likewise support up his point by the book composed by George Orwell in 1984 that it was the primary spot that he referenced. He likewise said that everything that was expounded on the Big Brother in that spot was truly valid about it. A section which was in the book about somebody who is always watching you similarly as the cameras in the Big Brother Naija show are continued observing the lives of individuals. 

He said that individuals might whine of their relatives battling with issues like sex entertainment making reference to the way that the Big Brother show might be in charge of things like that. 

He likewise said in end that he wouldn't like to run any one's lives however he's simply given reasons why the Big Brother Show ought not be observed once more. 

Joseph Okechukwu said that we ought to have try social designing. He at that point finished the video by requesting that Christians offer 1,2,3 to 4 motivations to ought to be given why they ought to watch the Big Brother Naija appear, and on the off chance that you need more reasons you should quit watching it.


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