Watch the video of how Kenyan government officials battle in chapel over control of body electorate

Two Kenyan government officials and individuals from parliament, Ndindi Nyoro and Maina Kamanda occupied with a battle yesterday at Gatui Catholic Church in Muranga over the control of Kiharu electorate. 

The battle resulted after Nyoro raged the congregation's pledge drive which Kamanda was going to with other Kieleweke MPs. Nyoro disturbed the occasion, demanding that he is the just one with the privilege to welcome pioneers to occasions in his voting public as Kiharu's MP. 

"I am the MP and I am the one in particular who can welcome individuals to capacities in this body electorate. I regard Maina Kamanda as a dad and a senior, yet I can't enable him to come right from Nairobi to lead Kiharu Constituency," Nyoro said. 

He likewise expressed that the occasion won't go on in light of the fact that he wasn't welcome to the occasion holding in his supporters. 

A viral video shared by Nation caught minute the two officials occupied with a yelling match at the occasion gone to by around 20 individuals from Parliament, before going after one another's garments.


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