Xenophobia: People Were Killed In The Presence Of Police - Nigerian Who Returned From SA widespreads (Watch Video)

Jude Anthony, a Nigerian returnee from South Africa, has shared his involvement in the nation.

Anthony, who said he lived in South Africa for a long time, blamed the specialists for sitting idle while South Africans assaulted and killed outsiders.

"The experience has been awful. I have been in South African for a long time; I saw the inhumanity of humankind in South Africa. I have seen brutality on blacks on blacks, I won't accuse the individuals that much since what's going on in South Africa is composed," he said.

"Xenophobia is an arrangement driven ideal from the time of President Jacob Zuma or even the system going before Zuma and it is driven by the South African police. Within the sight of the police, individuals are being butchered like chicken and there is no shock from the west, the west isn't denouncing it, America isn't censuring it since they consider it to be dark on dark savagery. Which is exceptionally off-base, savagery isn't right, guiltiness isn't right."


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