Xenophobia: We're Tired Of Sending Dead Nigerians From South Africa - Gbajabiamila

The House of Representatives has pledged to look for reclamation and reward for Nigerian casualties of xenophobic assaults in South Africa, NAN reports. 

Speaker of the House, Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila (APC-Lagos) made this known at a news gathering on Friday in Abuja. 

"Give nobody a chance to be left in any uncertainty, we will look for, and we will get by whatever means accessible, due reclamation and reward for the sum total of what that has been lost in this most recent blaze and every one of the ones that have preceded. 

"We are focused on a continued and unique exertion to see that the parts of the bargains met for every one of our kin who have endured. 

"We have heard the calls of our residents, and we have seen their decimation; we will grieve for the dead and sob for the lost, yet we won't stop there," he said. 

He said that there should be direness for requesting nothing not exactly add up to duty to denying the old courses of action that had made such anathemas against Nigerians conceivable. 

As indicated by Gbajabiamila, Nigeria has exhibited its promise to the fraternity of countries, yielding life, work and riches to accomplish harmony and reestablish opportunity — from Sierra Leone to Liberia, Sao Tome to South Africa. 

Gbajabiamila said that Nigeria's dedication had consistently been to the progression of Africa, opportunity in all grounds and thriving for every African individuals. 

"However, today and such a large number of a period, we are called to remain as pallbearers, carrying home to cover the groups of our siblings and sisters, fathers and moms, our youngsters, savaged and crushed. 

"What is their offense? That they endeavored to hope for wonder and benefit past our fringes, and having envisioned, they tried to make genuine the dreams of their heart. 

"We didn't incite, nor do we merit the brutality that has been visited on our kin in South Africa. 

"We dismiss altogether the undeniable endeavor to change the genuine account of occasions by throwing the as of late sorted out demonstrations of savagery as only internecine clash between groups battling for turf. 

"Except if it is the situation of South African government that all Nigerians living in South Africa are hoodlums and offenders, we request that they dismiss these cases without evasion,'' he said. 

The Speaker said that the individuals who are enticed to react to the most recent episodes with brutality and pulverization in networks should oppose such allurement. 

"We will respect the lives of our fallen siblings by ensuring that never again will our natives' natural appropriate to life and freedom be so wantonly denied here at home or anyplace else on the planet. 

"We will respect the penance of the fallen by committing ourselves afresh to a contract of administration to each other, sure in the information that our most noteworthy security against such damages is harmony, progress and flourishing in the country," he said. 

The Speaker lauds the moves up to this point made by the President Muhammadu Buhari through the Minister of Foreign Affairs in imparting the administration's extraordinary disappointment at what has happened. 

Gbajabiamila asked Buhari to guide the Ministry of Health to help the groups of the dispossessed in facilitating the arrival of friends and family who have lost their lives in the lamentable occasion. 

"We should never again to hold up until our kin are gotten in the foulest indications of these occasions before we make fundamental move to ensure them. 

"There have been reports that state on-screen characters may have taken an interest in the most noticeably awful demonstrations of brutality; now and then effectively, at different occasions by standing and doing nothing while murder and anarchy was released. 

"We expect that the administration of the Republic of South Africa will direct an exhaustive examination concerning these claims and make open their discoveries whatever they might be. 

"Where any of these cases are resolved to be valid, we expect additionally that the people dependable will be considered responsible to the most elevated degree permitted by law," he said.

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