Amber Guyger Jury Deliberating Over 3 Options: Murder, Manslaughter Or Not Guilty

There was no decision Monday from the jury in the Amber Guyger murder preliminary after over five hours of consultations. 

The jury had the choice to ponder into the night, yet around 5:00 p.m. they chose to turn in. 

Judge Tammy Kemp has given the legal hearers three alternatives: A blameworthy decision for homicide, a liable decision for murder or a not liable decision. 

The day began with Guyger's barrier lawyers and the arraignment getting a last opportunity to make one final pitch to the jury during shutting contentions. 

"Golden Guyger went through her time on earth attempting to make the best choice," said barrier lawyer Robert Rodgers. 

"She is certifiably not a sensible individual," said Dallas County Assistant DA Jason Fine. "She was not adopting the thought process of a sensible individual that day." 

Investigators contended the previous cop disregarded alerts that she was strolling into an inappropriate loft on an inappropriate floor and overlooked police strategy when she shot and executed Botham Jean reasoning he had broken into her condo. 

"She turned into the assailant," said Dallas County Assistant DA Jason Hermus. "That is not self-preservation." 

However, safeguard lawyers state examiners did nothing to scatter Guyger's record that the shooting was a mix-up. 

They cautioned the jury not to harp on the issue Guyger had with her watch accomplice or whether she attempted to give Jean legitimate medicinal consideration after she shot him. 

"All that they've done has been attempting to divert you," said Rodgers. 

Resistance Attorney Toby Shook stated, "The state is in charge of supporting past a sensible uncertainty that the litigant didn't commit the error of truth they can't beat the weight of verification for this situation." 

Guyger had the option to offer the jury passionate declaration during the preliminary. 

Investigators reminded the jury that Botham Jean proved unable. 

"This is everything I can acquire. Mr. Jean can't come into the court and claim to your compassion or to your feeling he's been diminished to a cardboard photo," said Hermus.

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