Bride of the hour requests that her 4 grandmas be blossom young ladies

Lyndsey Raby got upstaged at her wedding — and she's not frantic about it. 

"Everybody is as yet discussing my bloom young ladies," Raby disclosed to TODAY Style. 

That is on the grounds that the blossom young ladies being referred to are Raby's grandmas — Wanda Grant, 76, Betty Brown, 72, Kathleen Brown, 90, and Joyce Raby, 72. 

"I'm so fortunate," the 24-year-old lady spouted. "A great deal of ladies don't get one grandparent at their wedding and I was honored to have every one of them." 

Each of the four women wore coordinating light blue dresses to the pre-marriage ceremony in Benton, Tennessee, on Sept. 22. Betty Brown — the "best possible one" — demanded that the outfits be floor-length. 

"Betty made it unmistakable she didn't need her legs appearing," Raby said. Be that as it may, Kathleen Brown, Betty's mom, would presumably have approved of a shorter hemline, Raby proposed. 

"My incredible grandma is the sassiest seemingly insignificant detail on the planet," Raby said. "She's single and continually searching for a man." (Potential suitors ought to have a sweet tooth as Brown is known to stow away MoonPies and Little Debbie cakes in her dishwasher, as per the lady of the hour.) 

For Raby, perhaps the best minute was watching Joyce Raby, her presently spouse Tanner's grandma, bond with different ladies. 

"They're all besties now and chatting on Facebook," Raby shared. Be that as it may, the assistant isn't astounded that everybody gets along so well. 

"Family is the most significant thing to us all," she clarified. 

Natalie Caho, who shot the occasion, said it was a day she will always remember. 

"I was not expecting the degree of backtalk that these young ladies brought. Their vitality throughout the day was that of a young lady who was similarly situated," Caho revealed to TODAY Style. "It really just demonstrates that age is only a number."

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