Cheerful Independence Nigeria

Today is Nigeria 59th Independence where we all cele brate the goodness and wonderness of Nigeria, Nigeria has always been so great to everyone even when the Colonization of the British started where Nigerians suffered and after all gained Independence 

Nigeria is ! 

A nation where debasement and fear based oppression is the standard. 

A nation where our progenitors have wouldn't regard themselves and be a model. 

A nation where the alleged pioneers of tomorrow detests uprightness, enabling themselves to be utilized as manikins by the puppeteers. 

A nation loaded up with wolves in sheep's clothing and down and out. 

Genuine freedom and Independence can just exists in making the wisest decision! 

Young people! Make the wisest decision and quit doing great, quit permitting our devilish and childish government officials use you for their egotistical objectives. Help Nigeria contact her apex! Quit praising average quality. 

Try not to underestimate the little opportunity you have for in truth, somebody needed to buckle down and make numerous penances for it. 

We should promise that till our final gasp we will battle 

psychological warfare, 

we will secure our nation 

with all we have. 

No country is flawless, 

It should be made impeccable. 

Contribute towards the 

flawlessness of your nation. 

Glad Independence Day Nigeria!

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