Sensational departure by imprisoned Colombian lawmaker got on record

Colombian authorities have requested an examination following the challenging departure in Bogota of a detained previous congressperson from a therapeutic focus where she had gone to see a dental specialist.

Aida Merlano, 43, had been accompanied by a jail gatekeeper to her arrangement on Tuesday.

In any case, when the watchman was out of the room, she opened the window, moved out and utilized a rope to shimmy down to the road underneath.

She landed intensely on the asphalt before serenely getting away on the back of a holding up bike, which immediately dashed off.

A video of her striking departure shot by a close by surveillance camera became a web sensation via web-based networking media.

Merlano, a local of the northern city of Barranquilla, was condemned to 15 years in jail in September for purchasing cast a ballot during the 2018 general political race that saw her chosen representative for the Conservative Party.

Equity Minister Margarita Cabello terminated the leader of the ladies' jail in Bogota where Merlano had been held and who had approved the restorative visit.

Cabello additionally requested the acquiescence of William Ruiz, the leader of Colombia's jail framework.

Eight jail staff individuals have additionally been suspended pending an examination.

Ruiz had before offered a 50 million-peso ($14,000) remunerate for data prompting Merlano's catch.

Colombia is no more unusual to awesome jail get away.

The most popular was in 1992, when medication boss Pablo Escobar and 12 of his men stole away from La Catedral, a jail that he himself helped manufacture.

Notwithstanding, under year and a half later, Escobar was shot dead by police in his home city of Medellin.

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