U.S. bans all flights to Cuba outside Havana in most recent crackdown

President Donald Trump's organization is restricting all flights to Cuba other than those to the city of Havana in the most recent round of crackdowns on the little island country. 

The boycott, which becomes effective on Dec. 10, was declared Friday by the Department of Transportation. 

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said in a letter to Transportation Secretary Elaine Chao that the flights are being suspended uncertainly on account of Cuba's constraint of its kin and backing for Venezuela's President NicolĂĄs Maduro. 

A portion of the letter said the move was to "further the organization's strategy of reinforcing the financial results to the Cuban system for its continuous suppression of the Cuban individuals and its help" for Maduro. 

American Airlines and JetBlue both fly courses to urban areas in Cuba other than Havana and should end those courses as per the new guidelines. 

JetBlue said in an announcement Friday that it intends to work in full consistence with the new approach. 

"We are starting to work with our different government and business accomplices to comprehend the full effect of this change on our clients and activities in CamagĂźey, HolguĂ­n and Santa Clara," the carrier said. 

The White House's confinements are one more move back of the friendlier relationship President Barack Obama started with Cuba before the finish of his organization. 

In June the Department of the Treasury and the State Department said bunch instructive or social outings to Cuba, or "individuals to-individuals" travel, would never again be allowed. 

"Hidden the travel industry has served to line the pockets of the Cuban military, the exceptionally same individuals supporting NicolĂĄs Maduro in Venezuela and stifling the Cuban individuals on the island," the Department of State said in an announcement at the time. 

A year ago the State Department added 26 vacation spots to an extensive rundown of limited locales Americans are banished from visiting in Cuba, including inns, marinas and shops. 

It is as yet lawful for Americans to visit Cuba, however the expanded assents and confinements on movement have hosed intrigue and decreased the travel industry significantly.

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