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What a marvel! 82yr-Old Husband, 73yr-Old Wife Welcome Twin Girls 57 Years After Marriage

A 73-year-elderly person in the southern Indian territory of Andhra Pradesh has brought forth twin young ladies. 

Specialists conveyed the twins, who were brought into the world after IVF treatment, on Thursday. 

"The mother and the infants are progressing admirably," Dr Uma Sankar, the lady's primary care physician, disclosed to BBC Telugu. 

Mangayamma Yaramati said she and her better half, who is 82 years of age, have constantly needed youngsters yet had been not able imagine up to this point. 

"We are unfathomably glad," her better half Sitarama Rajarao disclosed to BBC Telugu on Thursday, hours after the children were conceived. 

Be that as it may, only a day later, Mr Rajarao endured an unexpected stroke and is right now being treated in clinic. 

"Nothing is in our grasp. Whatever ought to happen will occur. It is all in the hands of God," Mr Rajarao had said when approached who might think about the kids on the off chance that anything were to happen …

Quit murdering Nigerians, dealers caution South Africans

The National Association of Nigerian Traders (NANTs), Federal Capital Territory (FCT) part yesterday cautioned South Africans against xenophobic assault on Nigerians in their nation. 

In a discharge from the affiliation marked by the administrator and the secretary, Dr Edozie Prince Ugwu and Alumona Nichodemus individually, which was perused out by the Public Relations Officer (PRO), Comrade Augustine Njeako, the brokers approached the two leaders of the nations to do everything humanly conceivable to stop the killings before it escapes hand. 

They said Nigerian merchants won't overlap their hands to watch their family being slaughtered for submitting no offense. 

As indicated by them, the South Africans have been murdering Nigerians and obliterating their properties without South African and Nigerian governments bringing the culprits under the watchful eye of the law is inadmissible. 

The merchants accordingly requested that, the South African government stop the killings with prompt…

Uncovered: You Won't Believe How Much MTN Investors Lost Over The Xenophobic Attacks

As indicated by NewTelegraph, financial specialists of MTN Nigeria Plc. have lost about N40 billion of every two days over xenophobic assaults in South Africa. 

Examination by New Telegraph demonstrated that MTN shares, which opened at N140 per offer and N2.849 trillion in market capitalisation toward the start of exchanging on Wednesday lost about N30 billion or N1.07 per offer to close at N138.50 per offer and N2.819 trillion in market capitlisation at the end of the market the earlier day. 

The telecom firm likewise shed N10 billion or 45 kobo for each offer at the end of exchanging yesterday to close at N138.05 per share from N2.819 trillion in capitalization to N2.809 trillion, carrying an aggregate misfortune to N40 billion. 

There have been assaults and shows at MTN workplaces to dissent xenophobic assaults on Nigerians and different outsiders in South Africa. 

MTN Nigeria had, on Wednesday, affirmed assaults on its workplaces, saying that all MTN stores and administration focuses …

Robert Mugabe, Strongman Who Cried, 'Zimbabwe Is Mine,' Dies at 95

Robert Mugabe, the main head administrator and later leader of autonomous Zimbabwe, who exchanged the mantle of hero for the protection of a dictator and managed the decay of one of Africa's most prosperous grounds, passed on Friday. He was 95. 

The demise was declared by his successor, President Emmerson Mnangagwa. 

"It is with the most extreme misery that I declare the passing on of Zimbabwe's establishing father and previous President, Cde Robert Mugabe," he composed on Twitter on Friday, utilizing the shortening for companion. "Mugabe was a symbol of freedom, a container Africanist who devoted his life to the liberation and strengthening of his kin. His commitment to the historical backdrop of our country and mainland will never be overlooked." 

In August, Mr. Mnangagwa had said that Mr. Mugabe had gone through a while in Singapore getting treatment for an undisclosed sickness. 

Mr. Mugabe, the world's most seasoned head of state before his ouster in 20…

Boris Johnson acquiescence: Number 10 will not preclude PM venturing down subsequent to pounding Brexit massacres

Bringing down Street has declined to discount the probability of Boris Johnson leaving as leader on the off chance that he neglects to verify a general decision or a Brexit bargain. 

Furthermore, went ahead whether he would stop on the off chance that he was not able remove the UK from the EU on 31 October, the leader himself said just: "That isn't a theory I will mull over." 

Hypothesis over a conceivable renunciation was fuelled when Mr Johnson said on Thursday that he would prefer to be "dead in a dump" than go to Brussels to request an expansion to Brexit exchanges. 

Enactment because of complete its entry through parliament on Monday will expect him to do this except if he has first verified a Brexit bargain or parliamentary endorsement for no-bargain. 

Mr Johnson is relied upon to bomb on Monday in a subsequent endeavor to trigger a general decision on 15 October, with resistance groups wanting to dismiss the proposition, which requires a two-third dominant p…

Nicki Minaj reports retirement to concentrate on family

American hotshot, Nicki Minaj says she has "chose to resign and have a family". 

She stated, "I've chosen to resign and have my family. I realize you all are glad at this point. To my fans, keep reppin me, do it until da demise of me, [X] in the case cuz ain't no one checking me. 

Cherish you forever," the post peruses, shutting with emoticons." 

The Grammy-named rapper is dating a man called Kenneth Petty and has indicated that they are intending to get hitched. 

Aside from music, the 36-year-old has showed up in a few Hollywood movies and has her very own radio show. 

It was uncertain whether the post was not kidding, a supplication for consideration, or, as the subsequent sentence proposes, a demonstration of dislike toward naysayers. 

In August, she said on her Queen Radio demonstrate that she and beau Kenneth Petty will be hitched "in 80 days." 

In the wake of discharging a series of mixtapes during the 2000s, Nicki Minaj joined Drake on Lil Wa…