Markets tumble as coronavirus cases grow within the US and northern Italy goes into lockdown

The number of cases of the novel coronavirus has risen to quite 108,000 globally, with a minimum of 27,000 cases outside of China, because the economic trauma caused by the outbreak continues to impact global share markets.

At least 3,821 people have died as a results of the virus thus far, with the bulk in Asian country. But figures outside of the country where the virus was first reported are growing, whilst China slowly starts to induce back to normal.
Almost 100 countries and territories have now confirmed cases, and dozens of deaths have occurred in Italy, Iran and Asian nation. Italian authorities have placed much of the northern a part of the country on lockdown , affecting nearly 15 million people, while other regions will face varying sorts of travel restrictions. quite 7,300 cases and 366 deaths are confirmed in Italy.
In neighboring France, the quantity of cases has grown to over 1,100, with a minimum of 19 deaths, as fears of a Europe-wide epidemic still grow. Germany and Spain have both also reported many cases.
Markets tumbled overnight Sunday within the US, with Dow futures falling quite 1,000 points and also the S&P 500 plunging the maximum amount as 5%, triggering a limit that stops futures trading below that mark. The sell-off continued across Asia-Pacific, where both Australian and Japanese markets fell on Monday opening.
Wall Street has faced heavy losses for the past several weeks thanks to fears surrounding the coronavirus. During the last week of February, US stocks had their worst week since the financial crisis, and also the economic disruption caused by the virus doesn't appear to be letting up.

Slowdown in Asian nation
South Korea confirmed 248 new cases of the coronavirus as of Monday morning, bringing the national total to 7,382. There was one additional death from the virus on Sunday, bringing the national toll to 51.
While Asian nation remains one of the worst outbreaks outside of Asian country, the new figures are rock bottom increase per day within the country since February 26, raising hopes that the virus could also be coming in restraint.
Around 90% of cases nationwide are from Daegu and North Gyeongsang province, where the outbreak first began. it's been linked to the Shincheonji religious group, one amongst an oversized number of latest religious movements in Asian nation , which has come under intense scrutiny since the outbreak, amid allegations leaders haven't done enough to share information with the authorities.
In neighboring Democratic People's Republic of Korea, no cases are officially confirmed of the coronavirus, but global health experts have warned the country is very at risk of an epidemic given its close proximity to China and limited medical capabilities.
An evacuation flight with foreign diplomats who were quarantined in Democratic People's Republic of Korea landed in Vladivostok Monday morning with 103 people onboard, a source on the flight told CNN.
Foreign diplomats stationed in Democratic People's Republic of Korea had been kept in complete isolation since early February, amid concerns a couple of potential outbreak there. the precise number of foreign diplomats stationed within the country is unknown, but is estimated to be just some hundred.
Italy on lockdown
Even as there have been signs of improvement in Asia -- with China too continuing a decline within the number of latest cases -- things in Europe and North America appears to be worsening.
Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte signed a decree early Sunday which will put scores of people across northern Italy on lockdown . The sweeping move puts the complete Lombardy region, still as 14 other provinces, under travel restrictions, and is one amongst the toughest responses implemented outside of Asian country to induce the Covid-19 epidemic in restraint.

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Announcing the new measures, Conte said: "There are an obligation to avoid any movement of individuals who are either entering or leaving" the affected areas. "Even within the areas on the move will occur just for essential work or health reasons," he said, in keeping with Reuters.
While the lockdown only applies to northern Italy, other measures are applied to the complete country. These include the suspension of faculties, university classes, theaters and cinemas, still as bars, nightclubs, and sports events. Religious ceremonies, including funerals, will be suspended.
The World Health Organization (WHO) has called on "all countries to continue efforts that are effective in limiting the quantity of cases and slowing the spread of the virus."
In a statement, the WHO said: "Allowing uncontrolled spread shouldn't be a choice of any government, because it will harm not only the citizens of that country but affect other countries still."
US outbreak grows
In the US, almost 500 cases of the virus are confirmed, together with 19 deaths. The worst outbreaks are in big apple state and California, where a cruise liner has been stuck off the coast for several days, as passengers were tested onboard. Health officials said the Grand Princess liner will dock in Oakland on Monday, and passengers are transferred to federal military installations.
Multiple governors have declared states of emergency in their territories, as cases were reported across the US, including in Washington DC. An attendee finally week's Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) in Maryland, at which President Donald Trump and vp Mike Pence were guests, has also tested positive for the virus.
Senator Ted Cruz and Representative Paul Gosar both said they'll self-quarantine after interacting with the individual who tested positive. While neither man was showing any symptoms, they're isolating themselves out of what Gosar described as a desire to be "proactive and cautious."

Asked if he was worried a couple of potential exposure, the 73-year-old Trump said, "I'm not concerned in the least."
"We're doing all right," he said of the US response to the virus. "We've done an incredible job, with relation to that subject, on the virus."
Trump has faced intense criticism for appearing to downplay the severity of the outbreak and dangers posed to the US , still as spreading conspiracies, like that the media is exaggerating the virus so as to harm his administration.
Two of Trump's key methods for encouraging his supporters are suffering from the virus: a booming exchange and mass rallies. He has sought answerable the downturn within the markets on the opposition Democrats' prolonged primary process, though few experts accept as true with this analysis, then far has not canceled any rallies, whilst health officials warned people to avoid large crowds.
"These were founded a protracted time ago," Trump said within the government office when asked if it had been an honest idea to proceed along with his planned rally on Monday evening in North Carolina. "I think it's totally safe."

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