USA presses china to come clean after Lab reports

USA ventured up its weight on China over the coronavirus Outbreak, with President Donald Trump saying his organization was attempting to decide where the dangerous illness begun from. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo too called on Beijing "to come clean" on what it knows.

 At a White House news conference on Wednesday, Trump was inquired around reports of the infection getting away from a research facility in Wuhan, where the coronavirus first appeared. "We are doing a really exhaustive examination of this appalling circumstance that happened," he said. 

Asked in the event that he had raised the subject in his discussions with Chinese President Xi Jinping, Trump said: "I do not need to talk about what I talked to him approximately the research facility, I fair do not need to examine, it's unseemly right now." At slightest 136,000 individuals around the world have now kicked the bucket from the illness, with nearly 31,000 within the US alone. More than two

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