Brazilian state of Sao Paulo records more COVID-19 deaths than China

The Brazilian state of Sao Paulo has overtaken China when it involves the amount of deaths from the novel coronavirus.

According to data released by Brazil’s health ministry on Saturday, there are 4,688 coronavirus-related deaths within the country’s most populous state, which is home to quite 40 million people.

Official figures from China, which features a population of quite a billion, show the country has had 4,637 deaths.

In the country as an entire , Brazil had recorded 15,633 deaths and 233,142 cases of infection as of Saturday.

Data from the U.S.-based Johns Hopkins University puts Brazil in sixth place worldwide in terms of deaths from the coronavirus.

Tensions over the virus response are growing within the country, as Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro continues to push for the country’s economy to reopen.

On Friday, his health minister Nelson Teich resigned after but a month within the job.

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