Coronavirus cases in Africa surpass 50,000

Africa has now reported quite 50,000 cases of coronavirus across the continent, consistent with the Africa Centre for Disease Control and Prevention.

The continent has reported 51,698 cases and a couple of ,012 deaths thus far , while 17,590 have recovered from the illness.

South Africa has the worst number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Africa, with 7,808 people infected. Egypt follows with 7,588, while Morocco has reported 5,408 cases and Algeria has 4,997, consistent with Johns Hopkins University.

The mountainous kingdom of Lesotho, which is totally surrounded by South Africa , is that the only African country that has not reported one case of COVID-19.

COVID-19 has killed 476 people in Algeria, 469 in Egypt, and 183 in Morocco.

The World Health Organization is worried by the community spread of the new coronavirus during a significant number of West African countries, the regional head of the organisation said on Thursday.

More than 3.766 million cases are reported across the planet , with the price nearing 264,000. quite 1.2 million people have recovered.

A number of nations have issued targeted lockdowns in some major cities, also as dusk-to-dawn curfews and restrictions on travel, but have stopped in need of nationwide lockdowns as in most European countries and South Africa .

Several African countries have lifted the partial lockdown imposed to stem the spread of coronavirus, but the ban on gatherings remains in situ .

While educational facilities remain closed most African countries, businesses are allowed to work conditionally.

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